2010 was another banner year for Oxota hounds! Gin is ranked #5 BCOA NOFCA, #7 NOTRA (t),

Ren is #6 BCOA NOFCA & #9 NOFCA (breed), and Tigress is #4 ASFA Region 3!

Both Ren and Gin qualified for the Grand Course again this year.

Our hounds earned several titles (CM, 3 CGC’s, MC, CH/DC/VLAA), and we whelped our first litter.

Dec 12 - Conformation in TX - Keen goes to WD/BOW/BOB to pick up his first

CH point from BBE at age 9 mos. and 4 days! He was beautifully presented by his

co-owner/co-breeder Joan.

photo credit: Dan Pearson

Dec 11 - Conformation in TX - Py finishes his CH (and DC) with another BOB!

He is the third CH in his litter and second DC.

Our undying thanks to Joan for handling the “blond bombshell” for his final point.

photo credit: Dan Pearson

Nov 27 - OFC in NM - Ren is 2nd and Gin is 3rd of six in a breed hunt. Ren now has 102 CC points (needs a K to finish!) and 82 CM points. Gin now has 62 CC / 57 CM points. We’re looking forward to a fun season testing the hounds with Mr. Jack.

Nov 20 & 21 - ASFA in NM - Tigress was 1st in Veterans both days, picking up 44 V-FCh points and all needed qualifying placements.

Oct 29 & 30 - AKC LC in NM - Tigress Qualified in Open both days, picking up her first 2 SC legs. On Sunday Gin was 3rd of 10 in Open for two FC points, bringing her to 11 points.

Oct 23 & 24 - NOTRA in NM - Gin is 1st of 7 on Saturday and 1st of 6 on Sunday, undefeated all weekend, picking up 2 more SOR legs and

an additional 4 ORC/NORC points! She now has 4 SOR legs and 9 ORC points.

Tigress was 2nd both days and picked up 2 ORC/NORC points and her first 2 JOR legs!!

photo credit: Misty Taylor

Oct 16 & 17 - Conformation in NM - Py is WD in large Open classes both days to pick up both his majors!! He also goes BOS both days. It was a complicated team effort to get him to the shows and we were simply floored with how well he did!

A single would make Py a CH/DC, the second in his litter to accomplish this.

pictured on Saturday (WD/BOW/BOS), picking up the first of back-to-back majors.

Photo credit: Dan Pearson

Oct 9 - Conformation in NM - Trek is again RWD, and then earns his CGC at 16 months! Good job to our resident “frat boy.”

CGC Trek

Oct 9 - Conformation in NM - Py is WD for 2 points and BOS,

bringing him to 8 pts. Trek is RWD.

Sept 12 - Conformation in NM - Trek is RWD to 3 point major his second weekend in the ring. Thanks to Elaine (DM Greyhounds) for expert handling.

Sept 11 - Conformation in NM - Py is WD for 2 points and BOS. Thanks to Joan (Charlbury Hounds) for expert handling. Tanner is RWD his first day out.

Aug 8 - CGC in NM - Keen earned his CGC on his first attempt! The evaluators were stunned to learn he was just 21 weeks of age. Keen is the youngest borzoi to ever earn a CGC.

CGC Keen

June 6 - NOTRA in CO - Gin is 1st of 2 for for 1 ORC/1 NORC point,

and finishes her JOR!! She now has 5 ORC/NORC pts.

June 5 - NOTRA in CO - Gin is 1st of 3 for 1 JOR leg, and 1 ORC/1 NORC point.

photo credit: Joe Stewart


May 18 - Obedience at the BCOA Nationals in KY - Py is 2nd in Novice A, earning his first CD leg!

He is also High-Scoring FC for the entire Obedience trial!

photo credit: Photos by Elaine

May 18 - Rally at the BCOA Nationals in KY - Gin Q’s in Novice B and earns her first RN leg!

photo credit: Photos by Elaine

May 17 - AKC LC at the BCOA Nationals in KY - Gin is 5th in a huge Open class for another MC leg. Py is 5th in Specials for another MC leg.

May 17 - AKC LC at the BCOA Nationals in KY - Rumor is 2nd in Veterans and

at age 6-1/2 - and exactly 10 weeks after whelping a litter - FINISHES her MC title!!

Go, girl!!

photo credit: Rebecca Neal

MC Rumor

April 25 - AKC LC in NM - Gin is 1st in Open and Rumor is 1st in Veterans. Gin wins the BOB run-off for a 3 point major - wahoo! She’s up to 9 points. Rumor picks up another MC leg and runs just great.

April 24 - AKC LC in NM - Gin is 1st of four in Open and BOB for 2 more points!

She now has 6 pts toward her FC.


April 21 - CGC in NM - Long-term guest Rumor earns her CGC!

We are privileged to train and handle her for this award.

Rumor CGC

April 4 - ASFA in NM - Gin is 2nd of 4 after a very tough run-off for another 12 LCM points (total: 26).

April 3 - ASFA in NM - Gin’s first day in FCh has her 3rd of 7 for 14 LCM points.

Feb 7 - OFC in NM - Gin gets a K in the open field with some help from her saluki friends. Unfortunately the Judge didn’t see it so it doesn’t count, but Gin doesn’t care about paperwork.

Jan 24 - OFC in NM - Gin is 4th of 5 in her first mixed hunt, adding another 5 points and giving her a total of 50. Three hunts, three placements - well done! She finishes the season ranked #6 (t).

Jan 9 - OFC in NM - long-term guest Tigress is 2nd of 5 for 15 breed points, bringing her total

to 134 points and FINISHING HER CM!!! It was a marathon course with a very very tough hare,

and we are thrilled to have witnessed her finishing run.

CM Tigress

photo credit: Barb Ewing

Jan 3 - OFC in NM - Gin is 3rd of 9 for another 18 points, bring her total this season to 45 - which puts her in the top-10 so far this year.

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