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My name is Leonore Abordo; I am a member in good standing of the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club; the Borzoi Club of America, Inc. and abide by BCOA’s Code of Ethics; and the International Borzoi Council. I am the ASFA delegate for LLCC; an open field coursing judge for NOFCA, NACA, and TCC; licensed lure coursing judge for AKC and ASFA; periodically judge sweepstakes; and contributor to Sighthound Review.

We live on several acres in northeast New Mexico, where our borzoi routinely free-course cottontail (rabbits), black-tailed jackrabbit (hare), coyote, and anything else with fur that trespasses. At an elevation of 7,000' our hounds develop endurance while navigating difficult terrain and obstacles,
including a variety of trees and cacti, along with very tough feet and tremendous agility. Each of our adults has at least one UK while free-coursing.

All our eligible adult hounds are canine blood donors. It is an honor to participate in this wonderful program.

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Please send us an e-mail. It may take a few days to respond, as during our limited trial season we're frequently out of town. You can also follow us on FaceBook.

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Ren, Py (aged 3-1/2) and Gin (aged 7 mos.) show off their training.

                                       photo credit: Steve Garth

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