BISS BIF GCH DC Oxota Avalon Switchblade, CGC, TT, FCh, DCh SC, RTD, RN, VLAA, TKN

CC, CM & LCM ptd.

Bred-By Best in Show

BOB BCOA Nationals 2015

Group Placing

#1 NOFCA 2013/14 ~ High Score Novice ~ #4 BCOA NOFCA 2014

“Bladerunner” is our keeper from this litter.

She has all her health clearances and a scissors bite.

She earned her ASFA Certification at 13 months and her CGC at 14 mos. She picked up her first CH at 16 mos. going BOS over a Special from BBE, then went all the way

to BBE-BIS! She finished with a BOB and 5 pt major over specials. Bladerunner earned her FCh with five 1st’s; her FC & DC with 3 majors, 4 BOB’s and a BIF. Bladerunner has won multiple breed hunts, and is a working therapy dog.

She has exceeded all our hopes for type and function.

pictured at 2 yrs old, headed to another BOB

GCh CH Avalon Oxota Katana Swift and Silent, LCM, DCh, SC, CGC, TDI

FC & LCM2 ptd.

#1 ASFA 2014 ~ ASFA I.I. Bench Stake winner 2014 ~ Grand National Bench Stake winner 2014

#1 ASFA Region 6 2014 ~ #1 MBC ASFA 2014

Best in Specialty Sweepstakes

“Blade” is owned by MaryLee Jenko (Tishkia) in PA and co-breeder Sandra Moore (Avalon). He has all his health clearances and has a scissors bite.

Blade picked up a BISSw at 13 months. He earned his bench title in three weekends at 14 months of age, with four majors and two BOBs over large entries of Specials, from the 9-12 & 12-15 mo. classes. Blade then earned his GCh in three weekends – with six majors (5x over Specials) at 16 months of age.

Blade went BOB his first day of AKC LC. At the 2013 BCOA Nationals he won his Futurity class, was third in ASFA, and with half-brother Tan won the Breeder Stake for Oxota. He is the first GCH/LCM male in breed history. We could not be more pleased with this young dog!

age 3-1/2 y

photo credit: Kristen Suhrenbrock / RunTuff

CH Oxota Avalon Halberd, FCh, DCh, SC

GCh, LCM & FC mjr. ptd.


#1 ASFA Region 3 2014 ~ #16 ASFA 2014 ~ Grand National Bench Stake winner 2014

ASFA Reg 5 BOB 2013

ASFA Reg 5 BOB 2012 ~ #18 ASFA 2012 (t)

“Hal” is owned by Josie & Mike Haumont (Valkyrie Borzoi) in NE and is co-owned by Oxota. He is has all his health clearances, full dentition, and a scissors bite..

Hal went WD for his first CH point at 8 months of age, and picked up his ASFA Certification, then went BOB for his first points, at 15 mos. His first day of AKC lure coursing brought home a 4pt major and BOB. Hal finished his bench title with majors on consecutive weekends. We are looking forward to many wonderful accomplishments by this lovely boy.

Hal at 13 mos.

photo credit Debb Meyer/O’Pendragon

CH Oxota Avalon Lady Beretta, JC, SC

GCh mjr & FC ptd.

Specialty AOM Winner

3x Best in Specialty Sweepstakes

“Vanna” is owned by Robin Riel (Aashtoria) & Ken Porter (Soyala) in WA. She has all her health clearances, a scissors bite, and full dentition.

Her ring debut at 7-1/2 months of age netted a Best in Specialty Sweepstakes win, and two weeks later went WB for her first CH point from the puppy class. At the 2012 BCOA Nat’s she won her Futurity class. She picked up her first major - and BOS - at age 13 mos., and her second major at 14 mos., and her third BISSw and a 5pt major at 15 mos. She finished with 3 majors at age 15 months. Vanna picked up her JC with ease at 18 mos. She has a very exciting future the Pacific Northwest!

Vanna has started her plastic career, and is pointed toward her FC/DC. She is being lightly Specialed and is mjr ptd toward her GCh. Her first litter has produced a BISSw winner!

15 mos. for her third BISSw and WB at 15 mos.

photo credit: KC’s Snaps

GCh DC Avalon Oxota Cinquedea, SC, ORC, FCh, DT, DCh


Multiple Specialty AOM Winner

#3 ASFA 2013 ~ #9 NOFCA 2013/14

#1 ASFA Region 7 2012 ~ #7 NOTRA (t) 2012 ~ #15 AKC LC 2012 ~ #17 ASFA in 2012

“Cin” is a stunning self sable with brindle. She has wonderful substance, balanced angulation, tiny back/long loin, and full dentition.

Cin is CERF Normal and DM Clear by parentage.

Cin finished her FC with 3 majors at 14 mos., and picked up a 5 pt major toward her CH, going BOS over a Special her first weekend out, from the 12-18 class. Her debut “out west” was a roaring success, taking home NACA points. She finished her ORC in a mere 3 days and was ranked in three venues her first year on the field.  After finishing her CH/DC at 21 months, Cin has started competing in LGRA.

In 2016 she produced a nice litter for Howff/Carbonel.

She was raised by Shirri Peak (Zharkov) and Les Pekarski in GA, In 2012 Cin was campaigned by co-breeder Sandra Moore (Avalon). Due to relentless escaping, Cin is now owned by Leigh & Vickie Littleton in VA (Howff/Carbonel).

pictured at 3-1/2 yrs

photo credit: Perry Phillips

Avalon Oxota Ascalon

“Cal” is is OFA Cardiac Normal, CERF Normal, and DM Clear by parentage.

He has tremendous substance, great back, intense prey drive, and is a free-thinker. Cal is owned by Larry McLean in AZ, and they are having great fun together.

fun-run at 17 mos.

photo credit: KC’s Snaps

Oxota Avalon Browning Automatic

“Bruno” is owned by my husband and will be staying here at Oxota.

He is DM Clear by parentage, health clearances, has a

scissors bite and full dentition.

Bruno is a very bossy, confident, and totally sensible dog.

He also love his cuddles.

photo credit: KC Snaps

He has one JC leg

Oxota Avalon Darksword

“Simone” is owned by Ann & Randy in NM.

She is CERF Normal, OFA Cardiac Normal, and DM Clear by parentage.

Simone jet-sets between New Mexico and a ranch in LA, where she gets to play with shelties and nap in refrigerated air. Lucky girl! In 2014 she was 3rd in Altered class at the BCOA Nationals.

pictured at 17 months.

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