CH Oxota RiverRun Gypsy Rover Avalon, JC, CGC, FCh, DCh, SC


#1 ASFA Region 3 2014 ~ #7 ASFA 2014 ~ #28 AKC NOHS (t) 2014

Grand National Bench Stake winner 2014

#16 AKC OHS 2013 (t)

GyRo is our pick from this litter, and he is exactly what we hoped for. A near clone of his dam, GyRo has her substance, attitude, drive, and charm,

with his sire’s head, elegance and expression - what a package!

Scissors bite and full dentition complete the list. He is the sire of our FIRE litter.

His ring debut at 7-1/2 mos. netted a RWD, Puppy BOB, and Puppy G3.

He picked up his JC easily at 17 mos. At the 2013 BCOA Nationals GyRo was 2nd in Novice and 2nd (with 1/2 brother Tan) in Brace. He picked up both majors in two weekends just after turning 2, and finished his CH from BBE  at 2-1/2. He won the Bench Stake at the 2014 Grand National.

GyRo is an IM sabled gold, and is co-owned with and co-breeder Sandra Moore (Avalon). He has current health clearances and is DM Clear by parentage.

GyRo at 18 mos. at a fun match.

photo credit: Dan Rask

FCh, GRC, & ORC. ptd.

Best in Specialty Sweepstakes

#16 (t) AKC LC 2014

“Whiskey” is a wonderful self gold brindle. To see health clearances click here. Whiskey has black eyes, tiny ears, scissors bite, full dentition, big front, tiny back/long loin. He has tons of prey drive and a long memory.

Whiskey is owned and treasured by Kristen Suhrenbrock in ILL. He earned is CGC at 23 weeks of age and his RN at 13 mos! He also won Best in Specialty Sweepstakes at the MBC Supported Entry at the Chicagoland show. At the 2013 BCOA Nationals he won his Futurity class. Puppies from his first litter are pointed from the 6-9 class.

age: 3-1/2 y.o.

photo credit: Kelly Brunarski

DC RiverRun Oxota Fire in the Glen Avalon, JC, SC, FCh, SGRC2, DT, SOR, ORC

LCM ptd

#4 NOTRA 2016 ~ #8 MBC AKC LC 2016

Winner LGRA Nationals 2015 ~ Winner BCOA LGRA 2015 ~ #1 LGRA 2015

Winner LGRA Nationals 2014 ~ Winner BCOA LGRA 2014 ~ #1 LGRA 2014

#5 NOTRA 2014 ~ #1 ASFA Region 6 2014

#8 AKC LC 2013

“Ash” is a lovely self sabled gold. She has black eyes and haws, big front, short back/long loin, big rear, long tail, loads of prey drive, confident and stable nature. She is CERF Normal and DM Clear by parentage, scissors bite and full dentition.

Ash picked up her first CH point the day she turned 7 mos. old, going

WB/BOW/BOS owner/handled, and her JC at a year old.

Her first day of ASFA picked up BOB and 12 pts, and she went on to win Open both days of the 2014 I.I. Ash finished her GRC in four days, undefeated in all races, including the BCOA Nationals and LGRA Nationals. Ash also finished her ORC in 4 days, and her CH/DC with back-to-back 4-pt majors and a BOB over Specials.

She is owned by Tina Wismer DVM & Tim Williams in ILL.

age: 17 mos.

photo credit: Kristen Suhrenbrock

C.I.B, C.I.B.P., Nord CH, US & RU & SE & NO & EE CH, Fi CH & Fi LC Ch, FiJW-12, FiW-12

RiverRun Oxota Royal Blackbird Avalon

CACILx2 ~ Multiple Group Placements

3x Finnish Borzoi Club Best Movement 2017 & 2016 & 2015

Finnish Borzoi Club Best In Show Working Class 2016 ~ BOS 2017

#1 ROP/BOB Harrastajaborzoi 2014 ~ #2 FKC Lure Coursing 2014 ~ #10 FKC Show 2014

#1 ROP/BOB Harrastajaborzoi 2013 & #2 Maastojuoksijatulokas 2013

Finnish Borzoi Club Best In Show Intermediate & Kaunis Juoksija 2013

#8 Näyttely Tulokas 2012

“Maggie” is a spectacular IM black&cream owned by Minna Saarikko (Tsaarikon) in Finland. She is eyes Normal, Cardiac Normal, and DM Clear by parentage.

At 14 mos. 5 days old, Maggie won JV-12 and V-12, picking up her first CAC by going BOB at the prestigious Finnish Winner Show, from an entry of 37 borzoi. She was eligible for Crufts in 2013 and 2014. At the 2013 Finnish Nationals she won Best Movement (pictured) and Best in Show Intermediate! She earned her sixth CAC just 2 days after her 2nd birthday to finish her Finnish CH! Her first day lure coursing picked up a CAC and CACIL; her second day on the field she was 2nd of 25 for another CAC. Maggie finished her DC with 3 firsts at 2-1/2 years old! At age 3 she earned CH’s in Estonia, Sweden, and Russia, and is the 1st US-bred C.I.B.P. We are thrilled with to have this lovely bitch representing our breeding program in Europe.

age: 21 mos.

CC, CM, FC, GCH mjr, GRC, ORC & FCh ptd.

#5 BCOA NOTRA 2016

#3 BCOA NOFCA 2015 ~ #4 BCOA OFC 2015 ~ #5 NOFCA 2014/15

“Matilda” is a self-sabled firecracker-red, and is the pick bitch for co-breeder

Karla Smith DMV (RiverRun).  Matilda is CERF Normal, DM Clear by parentage, scissors bite & full dentition.

Mathilda has a lovely head, scissors bite, full dentition, big front, short back/long loin, long croup, tight knees, and outspoken personality. She is as smart and sweet as

she is talented and lovely!

Matilda was 2nd in her Futurity class at the 2013 BCOA Nationals.

She finished her SC going BOB for 2 FC pts, and in her OFC debut won a breed hunt.

Matilda is CC & CM pointed, and qualified for the 2015 Grand Course.

Her first time out as a Special picked up a Specialty 5-pt major.

age: 17 mos.

photo credit: Kristen Suhrenbrock

GCH mjr, FCh & GRC ptd.

“Grendel” is a gorgeous IM gold brindle with great toy drive. He is owned by

JJ Moore in MO.

He is a tall and elegant boy, with great shoulders and rear, tiny back/long loin, level bite, dark eyes, and a long tail. A confident puppy with an independent streak, he has to potential to be a terrific performance partner. He earned his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy award at 23 weeks of age and his CGC at 8 months. He and JJ are doing scent and obedience work. Grendel is ASFA ptd with a qualifying 1st, has 2 RN legs, a BN leg, and 9 CH pts with one major. He finished his UKC CH at the Gateway Nationals. Click here for health clearances.

photo credit: Liz Manzo Binnie

age: 3 yrs.

BISS GCh CH Oxota RiverRun Tangmalangaloo Avalon, JC, CGC, RN

Specialty Multiple-AOM Winner

# 3 FAST CAT (t) 2016 ~ #43 AKC Breed 2014 ~ #13 BCOA Rally 2016

“Boomer” is a very flashy and substantial IM red brindle, who is an elegant version of his grandsire, Jedi. He is very toy motivated and biddable, with prey drive and a cooperative nature. He is owned by Leigh & Ken Paintin in CO.

Boomer has a scissors bite, full dentition, endless tail, and light, free movement. Click here to see his health clearances. He is DM Clear by parentage.

Boomer had a spectacular ring debut at 18 weeks of age, taking home a Beginner Group 2. At 1 yr and 8 days he picked up his first CH pt from the 12-18 class, then went on to BOW/BOB over a Special! At the 2013 BCOA Nationals he was 4th in a huge BEE Class, and won Brace with is dam, Lotus. Boomer finished at 2 y. 10 m.

age: 13 mos. going BOB over a Special for his first pt.

handling thanks to Joan Garth/Charlbury

CH Avalon RiverRun Killiecrankie Oxota

GCH mjr ptd

“Killie” is a lovely IM black&brindle and is DM Clear by parentage. He has dark eyes, great ear set, a scissors bite, big front, short back/long loin, and a wide rear. A confident puppy with great prey drive and an independent streak. He reminds us of his aunt Tory.

His first show weekend he went RWD to a major, owner-handled. He finished with five majors from BBE! Killie is owned by Melissa & Matt Patterson in GA, and co-owned with Sandra Moore (Avalon).

age: 20 mos. in the BBE ring at Nationals

photo credit: Rebecca Neal

Avalon RiverRun Rowan Tree Oxota, SC, FCh

CH mjr, FC & LCM ptd

#18 ASFA 2012 (t)

“Rowan” is a charming self black&tan. She is DM Clear by parentage. Rowan is a sweet puppy with tons of prey drive and confidence, people oriented and stable. She has black eyes and haws, big front, level bite, short back/long loin, tight knees, and tons of lure interest.

She is owned by Kimberly Wessinger in SC. and co-owned with Sandra Moore (Avalon). At 12 mos. Rowan picked up a JC leg. Rowan finished her FCh at 18 months, and is LCM and AKC LC ptd. She has a major from her first weekend in the ring. We look forward to big things from this girl!

Rowan at 12 mos.

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“Beauty is as beauty Does”


The T’Ree Folk Songs Litter

DOB: 4 October 2011

BIF DC Avalon Victorian Pyre, CGC, GRC, RTD3, SC, FCh, DT, DCh, RE, TT, VLAA, V-FCh, ROMX

x BIF DC MBBrISS Valinor's Circuit de Monaco at RiverRun, SC, GRC, CGC, FCh, DT, DCh, RN, VLAA, ROMX

“T’Ree” is Russian for the number three

The FOLK SONGS litter has the distinction of being the only borzoi litter with both parents winning the Darkling Trophy:

Py in 2012 and Lotus in 2013 - and both from the Veterans Stake.