“Beauty is as beauty Does”



                                     Ren and Gin dream of running games to be played tomorrow.


                                       Epic, Luna, Skaya, and Bladerunner


Hunt to Live ~ Live to Run

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Up ‘n coming

~ Luna

~ El Sol

~ Khanga


~ Bladerunner

~ Epic

~ GyRo


~ Gin

~ Hawk


~ Grendel

~ Skaya

~ Tilla

~ Trek


~ Fire

~ Russian Rivers

~ Stars of Orion

~ Great Explorers

~ 80s Movies

~ Whiskey Drinks

~ Folk Songs

~ Deadly Weapons

~ Racetracks



First and foremost, our deepest appreciation to those ethical and responsible breeders that have placed their beloved hounds in our home. We treasure their trust and friendship. And our unending gratitude to our co-breeders and friends.

Our preferences are straightforward: We want hounds that are dead sane, built to the 9’s, and oozing prey drive. From there, we work to identify what each hound’s talents are - and then test for excellence in performance against some of the best borzoi in the country competing today.

We are privileged to have hounds nationally ranked in various sports each of the past several years, and our breeding program is designed to continue this tradition.