“Beauty is as beauty Does”


The Russian word borzoi means "swift"; oxota means "hunt". After a few years of running borzoi, we've come to appreciate their superior ability to execute their original function: coursing live game over rough terrain in cold weather. We believe that a good-looking borzoi isn't necessarily a good borzoi, so our emphasis and passion are on function; quite simply, on proven performance.

We have been admirers of borzoi since 1975 when we befriended a neighbor that had a pair. We are delighted to have these talented and versatile hounds make our lives complete.

Our hounds regularly venture off-property for training and competition, including open field coursing (OFC) for its singular ability to test for function. No other endeavor demands such fitness, speed, and stamina, nor so clearly calls on a hound's body and soul.

Mr. Jack and Ren, somewhere in NM (Dec 07).

photo credit: Rebecca Neal (Afanasii)

Py (R) with three of his kids: Eve (L) from our Racetracks litter; Bladerunner (C) from

our Deadly Weapons litter; and GyRo (F) from the Folk Songs litter. (12/11)

Feel free to contact us, we love to talk dogs and watch them do what they do best.

Hunt to Live ~ Live to Run

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