CH Oxota RiverRun Gypsy Rover Avalon, JC, CGC, FCh, DCh, SC

CC, CM, FC, GRC, & LCM ptd.

Pedigree ~ Health Clearances ~ DM Clear by Parentage ~ Holter Normal (4/17)

DOB: 4 October 2011

CHIC #107499 All Normal ~ AKC DNA # V762005

GyRo is from our co-bred FOLK SONGS litter, and is exactly what we had hoped for: his mother’s substance with his sire’s head and outline, and a sunny disposition. He picked up his JC at age 17 months, earned his ASFA Certification at 23 months, and both his ring majors within days of his second birthday. The next weekend he picked up his first FC point. GyRo finished his CH from BBE at age 2-1/2, finished his ASFA FCh before turning 3, and is GRC and LCM pointed. On live game he shows tremendous speed and mouth, and has won a breed hunt. He is a powerful, compact dog with tremendous presence and a kind nature. GyRo is the sire of our 2017 FIRE litter and we are pleased with their substance and consistency.

Grand National Bench Stake winner 2015

#1 ASFA Region 3 2014 ~ #7 ASFA 2014 ~ #28 AKC NOHS (t) 2014

Grand National Bench Stake winner 2014 ~ #16 AKC OHS 2013 (t)

GyRo in action:


Lure Coursing...

and Racing, GyRo is all business.

photo credit: Kristen Suhrenbrock/RunTuff


in 2014 GyRo won BOB’s at ASFA trials in four different states!


GyRo has black eyes and pigmentation, tiny highset ears, scissors bite, full dentition, and a lovely profile. He has tremendous ribspring, prosternum, and fill as well. age: 3 yrs. photo credit: Kristen Suhrenbrock/RunTuff

At 6 months:


At age 13-1/2 weeks GyRo took a road trip to Colorado for a fun-run. He shows great interest in plastic game and has the potential to be an all-around competition partner.



photo credit: KC’s Snaps


GyRo took to New Mexico snow like... well, just like a borzoi!


photos at 9 wks. of age.

GyRo has in impish sense of humor and is a delightful puppy.


stolen Santa hat, age 10 wks. ~ crime in progress (bait bag), age 13-1/2 wks. (photo credit: KC’s Snaps)

Future Plans

GyRo is his mother with a paint job: tiny back, long loin, beautiful angles, tremendous substance, endlessly happy attitude, and wonderful prey drive. Throw in dark eyes, big front, tiny back/long loin, and a long tail, and we couldn’t be more pleased. He is 29-3/4” and 85#. His OFC debut showed great speed and phenomenal endurance. In 2015 he will be lightly Specialed and continue his field pursuits. Click to see GyRo’s pedigree. Click to see his health clearances; GyRo is DM Clear by parentage, has full dentition and a scissors bite.

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