“Beauty is as beauty Does”


BIF DC Avalon Victorian Pyre, CGC, GRC,



Pedigree ~ Health Clearances

1/14/05 - 6/22/16

CHIC #36935 All Normal ~ OFA DNA # BZ-DNA-28/S ~ AKC DNA # V524170

Py came from Sandra Moore (Avalon), and we can never thank her enough for entrusting this incredible dog to us. He has the most outstanding temperament we've encountered in a long time, a wonderful build, terrific sense of humor, and tremendous speed and agility. Py is the first borzoi selected as an OFA Champion of Health. Py's monstrous, effortless stride has allowed him to earn all his performance titles in great style: GRC in just 4 days (with 3 firsts), FCh in six days (with 2 firsts & a BOB), FC with 3 majors (5 BOB's & a BIF), and V-FCh in 6 days (with 5 firsts & another BOB). His first weekend of agility brought home two firsts; his premier OFC event brought home a BOB; en route to his Rally titles he earned multiple First and Second placements. Py earned his CH in 8 weekends, including a BOB over group-placing specials and an International BIS winner. His record for success, versatility, and durability sets the standard for all Oxota borzoi.

Py’s legacy is the quality and consistency of his get, with multiple Best in Specialty Show winners, multiple BISSweepstakes winners, and multiple dual champions in each litter. He has produced multiple ASFA Regional #1, NOFCA #1, LGRA #1, and multiple hunt winners as well. In 2013 Py was awarded the BCOA ROM; all points were from titles earned by dogs not campaigned by Oxota, and we are eternally grateful to their owners. In 2014 he was awarded the ROMX. A limited amount of frozen semen is available to approved bitches, contact us for more information.

2nd Place Stud Dog 2014 BCOA Nationals

Winner of the Borzoi Bench & Gillette Stakes at the 2012 ASFA II

#1 ASFA Region 3 ~ #19 ASFA (t) ~ #7 BCOA NOFCA (t) in 2011

Winner of Best Stud Dog in Futurity at 2011 BCOA Nationals

High-scoring FC in Obedience at 2010 BCOA Nationals

#2 BCOA NOFCA in 2009 ~ #4 NOFCA in 2008 ~ BOB 2008 Grand National

#8 LGRA in 2007

Py in action

Powerful and fast, Py has once again overtaken the lure and prepares for a take. AKC in NM, Oct 2007

photo credit: KC's Snaps

Even when he cheats, Py knows where the lure is.

Grand National, CO, 9/09

photo credit: Big Paw Prints

Py always runs his hardest against great competition (cousin Nitro, left).

Grand National, CO, 9/08

photo credit: Big Paw Prints

Never one to miss an opportunity, Py challenged lure operators his entire career

with effortless bursts of speed and physics-defying takes.

ASFA, NM, 2011

age 6 y 10 m.

Py’s LGRA debut was phenomenal, undefeated in all his races the first three days, and second on the fourth.

March 07, CO

photo credit: KC's Snaps

Many hounds lose their love of plastic after meeting Mr. Jack; Py still likes to “get” it.

AKC LC in NM, 10/09

photo credit: Shot on Site

NOTRA in NM (with Charger, L). Note how laying into the turn brings

Py’s right rear leg between his front. 2009

photo credit: Shot on Site

This silly picture of Py (and Ren) playing at home shows off

Py's very flexible back (Feb ‘07)

Py is a "do it all" dog!

(March ‘06)

Py is an accomplished Obedience and Rally competitor, too.

BCOA Nationals, KY, 2010, 2nd in Nov A

photo credit: Rebecca Neal

Py has a friendly and bomb-proof temperament. He loves young children and is a Registered Therapy Dog with Delta Society. “Mr. Py” is shown here during a public relations appearance at a local community center (July 09).

While Py is unmistakably "murder" on rabbits, he is complete trusted with our indoor-cat.

Here he takes a siesta and shares the master bed (Feb 07).

“Formal” Pictures

Proving to be a late bloomer in the show ring, Py picked up 11 pts. to finish in

just four weekends in the fall of 2010.

Photo credit: Dan Pearson

At the 2010 BCOA Nat’s Py competed in Triathlon. He placed 5th in Lure Coursing

and 2nd in Obedience. Py was prepared by Paula Moore (Davidoff)

and presented by his breeder Sandra Moore (Avalon).

photo credit: Rebecca Neal

We are eternally grateful to Paula and Sandra for making our

ranch dog look so wonderful.

photo credit: Rebecca Neal

Though Py is hardly just another pretty face, we will confess that we love

his head - and his brain and his heart... (12/12)

More Info

At 4-1/2 years old, Py was 31-3/4" tall, 85#, full dentition, and a scissor bite. He has black eyes and haws, black pigmentation, incredible muscling, and exceptional type: short back, long loin, perfectly square, and balanced angulation. Py is the first New Mexico 4-way champion, first RE, first DC, and only ASFA Dual Titilist/Dual Champion borzoi. He is also a working therapy dog with traumatized young children. He is the sire of our 2010 racetracks and 2011 deadly weapons litters. Py sets the "gold standard."

Py has all his points and placements for his CC & CM titles, retiring lacking just a K to finish. In 2011 Py was inducted into the BCOA Hall of Fame, and named the first-ever borzoi OFA Champion of Health. Mere words simply can not do this dog justice. After a year off from running games, he finished his V-FCh in 6 days (with 5 firsts). At 7-1/2, he is officially retired from running games.

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