BIF Kinobi Travlin Blues Renaissance, SC, JOR

CC, CM, FC, FCh, GRC, ORC, V-FCh ptd.

Pedigree ~ Health Clearances

1/27/05 - 1/22/17

Ren came to us at age two from Rebecca Peters-Campbell (Kinobi). Ren has since discovered the love of the chase and certain select people. He continues to be full of surprises! He has a lure coursing BIF and two BOB's in the open field.

#6 BCOA NOFCA for 2010 ~ #9 NOFCA (breed pts.) for 2010

#3 NOFCA in 2007 ~ BOS Novice NOFCA 2007

Ren in action

Ren competing in the NOTRA Nationals (Oct 07). We were tickled silly that he decided chasing plastic around corners in public is fun!!

photo credit: Shot on Site

Ren picks up his first ASFA points (March 08).

photo credit: Shot on Site

Showing the form that has won a couple of breed stakes in OFC...

somewhere in NM (Jan 08).

photo credit: Shot on Site

Ren's AKC BIF run (April 08).

photo credit: Anna Stewart

Although there are multiple dog beds and sofas to choose from, Ren's favorite napping spot is, well, unconventional. And yes, that's where he sleeps in hotels, too.

Outside, Ren knows how to beat the heat (May 08).

“Formal” Pictures

Stacked at his first show (Oct 07), where he won the AmBred class.

Ren has a very flashy sidegate. (Jul 09)

from video

Here he's keeping his eyes peeled for the ever elusive Mr. Jack.

Somewhere in New Mexico, December '07.

photo credit: Afanasii Shots

Future Plans

Ren is 29-1/2" tall and about 75#. Very lean and well muscled. He has full dentition and a scissor bite. Click to see Ren's pedigree and his health clearances. Due to temperament and health concerns, Ren has been altered. Now 7 years old, he is retired.

In spring 2009 Ren was interfered with during a lure trial and lost his enthusiasm for plastic games for a few years. He has all his points and placements for his CC & CM titles, needing a K to finish, but was retired in early 2010 after a serious collision with a barb wire fence. He remains “forever young” and loves to play with our yearlings.

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