“Beauty is as beauty Does”


FC Avalon Rumor of Angels, FCh, GRC, DT, CGC, MC, ROMX

Pedigree ~ Health Clearances

8/29/03 - 5/13/15

CHIC #63051 All Normal ~ OFA # BZ-DNA-29/S

Rumor belonged to Mary Childs (Wind n Satin) and co-owned by Dora McDonald. We are deeply grateful to Mary and Dora for allowing us to co-lease Rumor for our Racetracks litter. Rumor is LCX pointed.

Rumor in action

”Formal” Pictures

Rumor at 1 year of age.

A full winter coat can’t hide her pretty curves (Dec. 09)

Beautiful profile in motion or repose.

More Details

Rumor is barely 28-1/2” tall, athletic, and an easy keeper. She has a laid-back, sweet temperament and is a very pleasant bitch - until the lure moves, when she becomes a fiend. Rumor’s favorite pass-time is snatching birds out of mid-air for a snack.

She has a scissor bite, high tiny ears, terrific underjaw, deep black pigmentation, and wonderful return of upper arm. She is clean coming and going. Click to see Rumor's pedigree and her health clearances.

~ “Racetracks” Litter ~

Rumor’s 2006 litter (by Zemny) produced outstanding borzoi:

(photos courtesy of Wind n Satin Borzoi & Avalon Borzoi)


BIF DC WindnSatin Sugar Hill Legend, FCh, SC (BOB 2010 I.I.) ~ "Sugar" co-owned by Lynn Wall (Fly Boru) & Mary Childs (Wind N Satin)


DC WindnSatin ZigZag, FCh, SC ~ "ZigZag" owned by Sherry Ward


DC Avalon WNS Rising Sun, FCh, SC (#2 NOFCA ‘08) ~ "CJ" is owned by Sandra Moore (Avalon)

FC WindnSatin Mo'Better Blues, FCh, MC ~ "Indigo" owned by Vanessa Johnson (Mufasa)


Can CH WindnSatin Drop Zone, JC, ~ "Zorro" owned Daniel Gauvin (Erikor)

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